Hyper, hyper,… Hyperion

How to create a standalone ambilight gadget based on Hyperion and Raspberry Pi

Update 1: Now includes effect engine. Also update Hyperion on Android.
Update 2: The installation script takes care now of startup even, if upstart script is not available. The main difference is that you do not need to use rc.local anymore.


1. What do you need:

    • Raspberry Pi
    • At least 4GB SD card
    • LEDs (I am using WS2801 based one. I’d recommend you to get those one since they are 8 bit. Also remember that WS2811 based one are not supported.)


  • USB Video grabber (Use one based on STK1160, since it is supported out of the box in RPi. I assume you can also use one based on UTV007 chip. Somagic based one, do not work under ARM architecture.) This one works eBay link.


  • Powered HDMI splitter