Hyperion as replacement for good old Boblight….

After two years of using Boblight, I have made a switch to Hyperion on mine HTPC (Zotac D2550 based one).

When Hyperion came to the Raspberry Pi, I was amazed how well it performs at such a low CPU usage. Hyperion has also a perfect configuration tool, which makes it easy and fast to create a config files.
It also has an Android app, which ATM can display static color only (this will change in the near future), but with this app you can see in real time, how different settings reflects to your LEDs.

So yes Hyperion can now be compiled on x86 based machines. Even more… Hyperion daemon can communicate with boblight-X11 (no need for boblightd daemon) to display light also in visualizations and menus. It has its own Hyperion XBMC addon, which works similar as boblight XBMC addon. And with few scripts you can switch between both, with just a remote press.

Hyperion is faster and uses less CPU power. I’d say around 50% less then boblight. What I also like is how the switch to config file can be defined (/usr/bin/hyperiond /etc/hyperionxbox.config.json >/dev/null 2>&1 &). For example you can have more different configurations on the system and can switch between them with simple .sh scripts. But more about this stuff in the future.

Are you interested??? My next post will be a tutorial how to compile Hyperion on Ubuntu and make a switch to new ambilight.

Note:If you will take a closer look into the config example, you will see Xbox in the name… This is because in the future you will be able to make your HTPC act as ambilight machine also for external units, just like on RPi. Stay tuned….